Culture Circle is an international cultural organisation, which highly regards excellence in creative and performing arts. In the areas of creative and performing arts Culture Circle’s ambitions are set on to:
-prepare student members for careers in arts;
-provide continuing education and training in art & cultural productions;
- encourage development of creativity and performance capabilities of the organisation;
- provide cultural enrichment for the individual, institutions and community.

Culture Circle serves as an extramural institution composed of teaching and corporate members. Culture Circle supports teaching artists with the aim to develop, produce and showcase art, culture and educational projects throughout Europe.

One of the main objectives is to enhance cultural and educational activities shared by Europeans through the development of cooperation, learning partnerships and to encourage transnational circulation of art, culture and knowledge.

Culture Circle draws its expertise from specialized network members having experience in a variety of professional fields. These individuals have years of diverse experience in all functional areas and artistic disciplines of
arts management.

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